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Driving Theory Test Denmark

The journey begins with Driving Theory Test Denmark, an essential step that evaluates your knowledge of Danish traffic rules and safe driving practices to attain Driving Licence. The theory test Denmark practice tests are equivalent to the driving guide provided by the officials equipping you with all the information required to take the Driving Test in Denmark.


Steps to obtain Driver’s License in Denmark

  • Pass the driver’s theory test.
  • Complete a first-aid course.
  • Get a learner permit.
  • Practice driving.
  • Pass the driving test.

Note: In Denmark, driver testing is conducted by the Danish Road Traffic Authority, which is a government agency under the Ministry of Transport. They are responsible for overseeing the entire licensing process, including theoretical and practical tests.


About the Driving Theory Test Denmark

Driving License Theory Test Denmark is a fundamental stage to get a driver’s permit. It is generally undertaken before the practical driving test. The Theory Test Denmark is designed to assess a candidate’s knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, and general road safety regulations.

Topics covered in the Driving Theory Test Denmark

  • Traffic Guidelines and Rules
  • Road Safety and Awareness
  • Safe driving practices
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Emergency Situation
  • Good driving behaviour

Remember: Regular practice and a thorough understanding of traffic laws are keys to passing the theory test and becoming a qualified driver in Denmark.

Type Of Test

Denmark Driving Theory Test Format:

Image-Based: The test consists of 25 pictures depicting different traffic situations.

Multiple Choice: Each image has several multiple-choice questions (up to four) that you are required to answer.

Knowledge The test evaluates your knowledge of traffic rules, road signs, safe driving practices, and hazard recognition.


Pass Marks: You should answer at least 20 out of 25 questions, correctly. You are permitted to make only 5 mistakes.

No partial Credit: Each image is considered a single unit. Even if you answer some questions correctly within an image, you will not get points unless all the image’s questions are answered accurately.

Duration: You are given 25 minutes to finish the test.

Language: The theory test is offered in Danish and English.

Mock Theory Test

Essentials to obtain a driving license in Denmark:

Age Requirement:

You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a regular driving license for a private car.

First Aid Course:

Before starting the practical driving lessons, you are required to take a first aid course. This course normally covers essential emergency treatment and is essential for getting a driving permit.

Driving Theory Test:

You need to pass the theory test that assesses your knowledge of traffic rules, signs, and general road safety. The theory test is available online and organized by the concerned official authorities.

Practical Driving Lessons:

After passing the theory test, you can proceed to undergo practical driving lessons with a certified driving instructor.

Practice Test:

You should breeze through a practical road test, which typically includes tasks like parking, turning, and other basic driving manoeuvres.

Road Test:

After completing the required theory test Denmark, you need to pass a road test to demonstrate your ability to drive safely in different traffic situations.

Obtaining the license:

Once you pass both the theory and practical tests, you will receive your full driving license, and then you are a qualified driver.

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